How does SBCC choose which films to show?
We regularly ask our audience for suggestions about which films they would like us to show. This gives us a list of films to consider at the film selection meetings which are held several times a year and are open to all members (we currently have over 300 suggestions). We also hold an annual vote for all our members to choose three or four films directly.
I’ve made lots of suggestions. Why have none of these films been shown?
The main hurdle to us showing a film is whether or not we can get a licence. We have a number of routes which we use for licencing and we look up all films you suggest to see if they are available from these sources. If the right kind of licence looks to be readily available, the film will automatically go on the list for consideration at the next film selection meeting.
We also try to go the extra mile to show more unusual films - we’ve even licenced films direct with the film-maker across the Atlantic. However, SBCC is run by volunteers and, as much as we all love film, we can only do this every now and again.
Our intention is to show a varied programme which caters to a wide number of tastes. So if you’re especially keen on a particular genre, you probably won’t see more than one film which falls into this category each season. We hope that this gives our audience the opportunity to see films they might not otherwise have seen as well as old favourites.
We currently have almost 200 films on the list of options, with new films coming out each week. As we only have so many screenings in a year, unfortunately, we can’t show them all.

All suggestions for films to show are welcome - we will do our best depending on availability and demand