We will let you guess the theme for this season....!!


17th May - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969 George Roy Hill ) 110 min

Looking at the films of 1969 we were spoilt for choice with what we might show from the year of the moon landing. Finally, we plumped for the charms of Paul Newman and Robert Redford as the eponymous outlaws on the run with Katharine Ross in this great film. Featuring Burt Bacharach’s unforgettable score and one of both Newman and Redford’s best-loved performances, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist revisiting this classic either.

31st May - Jupiter's Moon (2017 Kornél Mundruczó) 129 min

Our season takes something of a sideways step for this Hungarian film. Telling the story of a Syrian refugee as he tries to make his way into Hungary, the possibilities of exploitation become all too clear. A truly extraordinary story of his out-of-this-world powers and how people try to take cynical advantage of them, this is an interesting take on contemporary concerns.

14th June - Moonlight (2016 Barry Jenkins ) 111 min

The opportunity to show this multi award-winning film seemed too good to miss and so we’re delighted to screen this story of growing up in a rough part of Miami. Following a young boy as he goes from childhood through adolescence into adulthood, the film depicts the highs and lows of an upbringing marked by adversity as the film’s main character works out who he is and how to survive.

28th June – From the Land of the Moon (2017 Nicole Garcia) 120 min
Marion Cotillard is convalescing in the French Alps of the 1950s when she meets Louis Garrel. His charm offers escape from her unhappy marriage and her supressed spirit of rebellion comes to the fore. This film is a beautifully performed romance set against the constraints of post-war French society.

Please note that licensing arrangements are constantly changing so on occasion we may have to alter our proposed programme at the last minute for reasons beyond our control.