Constitution of South Bank Community Cinema
Approved on the 23 November 2011
1. Name
The Organisation shall be known as South Bank Community Cinema, referred to herein also as SBCC.
2. Definitions
a) SBCC Year: from 1 January to 31 December.
b) Member: a person who has been accepted into SBCC by the Committee.
c) Committee: the set of Members elected by the Members to run SBCC on behalf of the Members.
3. Objects
a) The Objects of SBCC are to advance the knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the public in the art of the moving image of all vintages and genres.
b) SBCC shall have the power to promote the study and appreciation of the moving image by means of film shows, lectures, discussions, exhibitions and other events, and to do all things necessary or expedient to achieve the same.
4. Membership
a) Any person of age 15 years or over may apply for membership of SBCC and will become a member on (i) payment of the current subscription fee and (ii) the Committee’s acceptance of the application.
b) The Committee can exercise discretion in individual cases on the membership age limit and on the subscription fee to be paid.
c) The Committee has the discretion to offer one or more honorary memberships for which no subscription is required.
d) The Committee has the power at its absolute discretion to reject an application for membership without giving reasons. The Committee also has the power at its absolute discretion to revoke an existing membership without giving reasons and without refund of any subscription.
5. Events
a) Any member of the public may apply to attend any SBCC event.
b) Admission to any SBCC event is subject always to the ultimate discretion of the Committee as represented by any one Committee Member and to the availability of tickets.
6. Management
a) SBCC shall be run by a Committee of at least 3 current Members.
b) The Committee shall meet at least 4 times in the SBCC Year.
c) The quorum for Committee Meetings shall be 3, but if the number of Committee members falls below this number the remaining Committee Member(s) may validly convene to organize elections or to co-opt Committee Members in accordance with sub-clause (h) hereof.
d) SBCC shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 4 months of the end of an SBCC Year for the purposes of approving the Society’s accounts and of electing or re-electing Committee Members.
e) A Special Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or upon written request being made to the Committee signed by at least 5 Members.
f) The quorum for the AGM and Special Meetings shall be 10 Members or 10% of the membership, whichever is the lesser.
g) Committee Members shall be elected at SBCC’s AGM or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.
h) The Committee may at any time co-opt additional Committee members for the remainder of the current SBCC Year.
i) Honorary Members are not entitled to be Committee Members or to vote on motions proposed at an SBCC AGM or Special Meeting.
7. Restrictions
a) SBCC shall be non-political (i.e. it shall not espouse the cause of any political party or sectional interest).
b) SBCC’s funds shall be used only in the furtherance of SBCC’s Objects. Any balance of funds at the end of an SBCC Year shall be carried over to the next SBCC Year.
c) SBCC shall not be run for the private profit of any Member or Members.
d) No Member or Committee Member shall receive payment directly or indirectly for their services or for anything other than legitimate expenses incurred in running the Society.
e) If any clause or sub-clause of this Constitution conflicts with the legal rights of the owner of the location at which a Society event is to be held, the owner’s legal rights shall take precedence.
8. Dissolution
a) SBCC shall not be wound up except by a resolution of two-thirds of those present at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.
b) In the event of such winding up any remaining funds of SBCC shall be deployed for the furtherance of the SBCC’s aims e.g. donated to a similar organisation.
9. Amendment
a) No amendment of this Constitution shall be made except to comply with current law or at an AGM or Special Meeting where such amendment is passed having gained the votes of two-thirds of the Members present.